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Ossetia, which are two partially recognised republics. View Chart, details, commercials - Long / Short -13,402 (-314) -16,240 (-633 non-Commercials - Long / Short -11,274 (-927) -8,443 (-741 dealers / Intermediary - Long / Short 0 (unch) -15,237 (-568). Much of the countrys economic growth relies on energy revenues thanks to Russias abundance of natural gas, precious metals and oil. Unfortunately, this took place as the 1998 Russian financial crisis was breaking out, and as a result the currency lost 70 in value against the USD in just 6 months. The largest sector of Russias economy, however, is the service industry, which accounts for around 60 of the nations GDP and includes the health, education, communications and retail trade industries. The countrys national bank is the. Daily Export Data API Latest Solutions Our Sites Languages Copyright 2018 trading economics All Rights Reserved.

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Majors, price Day, year, eurusd.1494 -0.0019 -0.16 -2.15, gbpusd.2998 -0.0073 -0.55 -1.50, audusd.7102 -0.0018 -0.25 -9.01. It was not until 1704 that Peter the Great reformed the monetary system in the country and ordered a new silver Ruble coin to be minted, which was divided up into 100 copper Kopeks. During the 1990s, a lot of Russian agriculture and industries were privatised; however, the defence and energy sectors were excluded from privatisation. COT Report: Gold commencer à négocier forex avec 1 shorts flee after short interest jumps to record Deb Shaw - MarketsNow - Sun Oct 21, 2:12PM CDT Deb Shaw - IF - Sun Oct 21, 2:12PM CDT Looking at this weeks Commitments of Traders Report, there are several changes in speculator. Nzdusd.6571 -0.0021 -0.31 -5.64, usdjpy 112.7870.2470.22 -0.56, usdcny.9468.0142.21.69, usdchf.9967.0004.04.21, usdcad.3095 -0.0002 -0.02.52, usdmxn.2947.0377.20.16, usdinr.3525 -0.0175 -0.02.82 usdbrl.7012 -0.0128 -0.34.32 usdrub.3095 -0.1537 -0.23.63. Stocks gave up an early rally Friday and struggled to another mixed finish as investors continued to sell former favorites like retailers. These commodities are the main part of Russias exports, although the nations arms industry also brings in significant revenue. Global demand for Russias other major exports such as machinery and consumer goods also affects the value of the Ruble on the Forex market. Political unrest is also a major factor in this area, and any difficulties with neighbouring Ukraine can affect the exchange rate of the Russian Ruble.

EDT.3135 -0.1696 -0.26, previous Close.4831, open:.4831. Bank of Russia (sometimes known as the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).

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